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Baby name blog

The Baby Names site of Laura Wattenberg (which we mentioned here) also has a blog. Lots of fun stuff; for example see the recent entry on short and long names:




  1. paulse says:

    The baby names chapter in Freakonomics is interesting.

    My name is definitely cheap.


  2. Lonnie says:

    I have a writers group, and we have recent posted a "Given Name" Database online. It lets you search not only for a name, but by country, nationality, or attribute! (Yep, try searching for "Wild"… lol)

    It is at:

    Take care,

  3. baby boy says:

    after I played with this site for some time I found that the name Hunter was used in the 1880 and now it also a girls name.

  4. Hunter sure seems strange for a girl's name.