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Diane Lambert’s seminar next Monday

A Statistical Model of a Wireless Call
Diane Lambert, Google

A wireless call requires the cooperation of a dynamic set of base stations and antennas with control of the call changing in response to changes in signal strength. The communication between the mobile and the base station that is needed to manage the call generates a huge amount of data, some of which is seen only by the mobile placing the call and some of which is seen by the base station that manages the call. I [Lambert] will describe some of the subtleties in the data and a statistical model that takes the time dependent, spatial, and multivariate nature of the many wireless signals used to maintain a call into account. Online estimation and model validation using data taken from a commercial wireless network will also be discussed.

Joint work with David James and Chuanhai Liu (statistics) and A. Buvaneswari, John Graybeal and Mike McDonald (wireless engineering).

She’ll be speaking in the statistics dept. seminar at Columbia next Monday at 4pm.