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Encyclopedias, statistical resources, references

Through Robert Israel’s sci.math posting I’ve found an excellent online resource, especially for many statistical topics: Encyclopaedia of Mathematics. It seems better than the other two better-known options Wolfram MathWorld and Wikipedia. Another valuable resource Quantlets has several interesting books and tutorials, especially on the more financially oriented topics; while some materials are restricted, much of it is easily accessible. Finally, I have been impressed by Computer-Assisted Statistics Teaching – while it is of introductory nature, the nifty Java applets make it worth registering.

One Comment

  1. Andrew says:


    I can believe this is a good resource for math, but I wasn't impressed by the first thing I looked up in statistics; see here. It's about 40 or 50 years out of date, I'd say.

    The corresponding Wikipedia entry is better, although it's not perfect either–in particular, it only gives examples of discrete distributions.

    I'm not trying to be a party-pooper here, just wouldn't want people to be led by this blog entry to have too much confidence in some uninformed encyclopedia articles.