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Can’t the National Weather Service do better than this?

I find the National Weather Service display to be much more useful than and other commercial sites. But its city-search finder is terrible. Go here and enter “Atlanta” and see what you get. It’s a list of about 20 cities. And they don’t even list Atlanta, Georgia first. It’s buried in there, about fifteenth in the list. What’s that all about?


  1. Arthur says:

    Have you tried ? I think it's fantastic, and no, I have no connection with the site, other than liking it. Great radar, hour by hour forecasts…try it.

  2. goodnessOfFit says:

    I second the wunderground recommendation.

  3. Andrew says:


    I tried it and it's not bad. But the site is a bit cluttered for my taste.

  4. John S. says:

    On the other hand, if you type in "Atlanta, GA" or a zip code (as the search box requests), it takes you directly to the page you want.

  5. Andrew says:


    Yeah, sure. But I'm spoiled by sites such as Amazon, Yahoo, and Google that list in order of the most likely possibilities.

  6. chris paulse says:

    I use Forecastfox, a plugin for firefox. The associated web site passes the Atlanta test.

  7. Jesse says:

    I third wunderground.

    Don't worry about the clutter, the real joy of wunderground is getting to the raw data for individual weather stations. It provides historical graphs of temperature and pressure variation. And you can usually find one that's right down the street from you.

  8. anon says: is similar to weather underground. It serves data from personal weather stations, NWS and couple of other providers. My preference is still, however…

  9. Anti Scams says:

    i also use wunderground. it's just the best around

  10. va says:

    I have used and wunderground is a little better in my opinion.

  11. jgwiss says:

    wunderground has been consistently off in predicting rain, even on the same day, but especially a few days ahead this spring here -one hour north of seattle