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Another Human Development Index for U.S. states


See the end of this entry for explanation.


  1. Kevin Canini says:

    Very funny :-) Caught my eye as a Floridian.

  2. Doug says:

    Love it! But can you design it for road miles to Canada?

  3. Naadir Jeewa says:

    Was thinking about doing one of flight times to the land of swiftboated socialised medicine (aka the UK), but couldn't figure out how to use the maps library in R in a reasonable amount of time.

  4. Mohan Babu K says:

    Interesting to see the color coding. If you extend the coloring to the other side – Canadian side – of the map, the picture is equally interesting. Most large Canadian cities, and bulk of the population lives less than 100 miles of the southern border.
    So, who is really driving whom?