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Why I blog?

There is sometimes a line of news, a thought or an article sufficiently aligned with the general topics on this blog that is worth sharing.

I could have emailed it to a few friends who are interested. Or I could have gone through the relative hassle of opening up the blog administration interface, cleaned it up a little, added some thoughts and made it pretty to post on the blog. And then it’s poring through hundreds of spam messages, just to find two or three false positives in a thousand spams. Or, finding the links, ideas and comments reproduced on another blog without attribution or credit. Or, even, finding the whole blog mirrored on another website.

It might seem all work and no fun, but what keeps me coming back is your comments: the discussions, the additional links, information and insights you provide, this is what makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks, those of you who are commenters! And let us know what would make your life easier.

One Comment

  1. Long live academic blogging!

    One feature I'd recommend is the ability to subscribe to a post, i.e. to get an email whenever someone comments on a post.