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Inbox zero. Really.

Just in time for the new semester:


This time I’m sticking with the plan:

1. Don’t open a message until I’m ready to deal with it.
2. Don’t store anything–anything–in the inbox.
3. Put to-do items in the (physical) bookje rather than the (computer) “desktop.”
4. Never read email before 4pm. (This is the one rule I have been following.
5. Only one email session per day. (I’ll have to see how this one works.)


  1. Chris says:

    Wow, a whole folder (cannabis) devoted to recreational drugs! You must be a progressive!

  2. Andrew Gelman says:

    Chris: I can't remember what's in that file! It must be from some old research project that I never followed up on.

  3. Raymond says:

    Your next resolutions should be "Never blog before 4pm" and "Only one blog session per day"