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Meanwhile, on the sister blog . . .

NYT columnist Douthat asks: Should we be disturbed that a leading presidential candidate endorses a pro-slavery position?

Who’s on the web? And where are they?

Sowell, Carlson, Barone: fools, knaves, or simply victims of a cognitive illusion?

Don’t blame the American public for the D.C. deadlock

Calvin College update

Help reform the Institutional Review Board (IRB) system!

Powerful credit-rating agencies are a creation of the government . . . what does it mean when they bite the hand that feeds them?

“Waiting for a landslide”

A simple theory of why Obama didn’t come out fighting in 2009

A modest proposal


The Family Research Council and the Barnard Center for Research on Women

Sleazy data miners

Genetic essentialism is in our genes

Wow, that was a lot! No wonder I don’t get any research done…