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“Most Popular Infographics you can find around the web”

by designer and illustrator Alberto Antoniazzi.


  1. Andrew says:

    I don’t like to swear, but that graph is fuckin brilliant.

  2. mpledger says:

    I’m inspired

    (A wordle with 1) the line “posted by …”, and 2) the words “comment”/”comments” and “filed under” removed. It needs a java plugin to view.)

  3. zbicyclist says:

    Brilliant, indeed. But if we ask “which one doesn’t fit?” I’d have to say the Periodic Table of the Elements, which shows up everywhere because it is such a useful infographic (if that’s what you want to call it).

    I even have the Periodic Table on a t-shirt, which I wear periodically.

  4. mpledger says:

    I was being ironic with the wordle but ….

    I actually thought it was quite interesting because in the centre it had a cross of “people”, “data”, “think”.

    And “people” wasn’t a word I thought would have been highlighted that much in a statistics blog.

    • Andrew says:


      This is probably coming from a bunch of sentences like, “I hate when people think . . .” and “People think they know about data but really they don’t . . .” and “Data show that people today can’t think . . .” and other sorts of curmudgeonly thoughts.