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R and Google Visualization

Eric Tassone writes:

Here’s something that may be of interest and useful to your readers, and which I [Tassone] am just now checking out myself. It links R and the Google Visualization API/Google Chart Tools to make Motion Charts (as used in the well known Hans Rosling TED talk) easier to create directly in R.

The website is here, and here‘s a blog about how to use it, including some R code that actually works (if the user has all the requisite libraries, of course) in your own browser.

One Comment

  1. mozzie says:

    I know for the capitalisations that it’s Google – Vis, but why am I *so* tempted by Goog – levis?
    As children, we Antipodeans called hens eggs “googs”, so it provides very strong image. Ah, the power of visualisation!