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Martyn Plummer’s Secret JAGS Blog

Martyn Plummer, the creator of the open-source, C++, graphical-model compiler JAGS (aka “Just Another Gibbs Sampler”), runs a forum on the JAGS site that has a very similar feel to the mail-bag posts on this blog. Martyn answers general statistical computing questions (e.g., why slice sampling rather than Metropolis-Hastings?) and general modeling (e.g., why won’t my model converge with this prior?).

Here’s the link to the top-level JAGS site, and to the forum:

The forum’s pretty active, with the stats page showing hundreds of views per day and very regular posts and answers. Martyn’s last post was today.

Martyn also has a blog devoted to JAGS and other stats news:


  1. Andrew says:

    No, it’s different from our blog. I did a search on Wegman and didn’t get any hits at all!

  2. noahpoah says:

    I’m in the middle of transitioning from WinBUGS to JAGS. When you use it with rjags, it shows a progress bar that tells you how close it is to finishing the model initialization, burn-in, and for-keeps sampling. As much excellent use as I’ve gotten out of WinBUGS, the psychological benefit of the JAGS progress bar cannot be overstated.

  3. Martyn says:

    Is it a secret? Nobody told me.