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A personal bit of spam, just for me!

Hi Andrew,

I came across your site while searching for blogs and posts around American obesity and wanted to reach out to get your readership’s feedback on an infographic my team built which focuses on the obesity of America and where we could end up at the going rate.

If you’re interested, let’s connect. Have a great weekend!


I have to say, that’s pretty pitiful, to wish someone a “great weekend” on a Tuesday! This guy’s gotta ratchet up his sophistication a few notches if he ever wants to get a job as a spammer for a major software company, for example.


  1. Tom Moertel says:

    I received a similar, though less personal, bit of spam that follows the same formula (see below). Looks like somebody’s got a little system from cranking them out.

    === begin ===


    I came across [web site] while searching for resources around teaching and education and was wondering if this is the correct contact in regards to the content on the site. My team just created a graphic on these topics, would you be interested in taking a look? I’d appreciate any feedback.

    Thanks in advance.

    === end ===

  2. afinetheorem says:

    Do you have any idea what the deal is with this infographic spam? I’ve gotten three spam emails about these just in the last day. They clearly are not automated spammers, as the spam knows my name which is available but not obvious from my site. Is it just Google-ranking abuse?

  3. I got a weird spam twice in the past few days, mentioning my University of Texas connection and containing my Austin *home* phone number…but a phone number we abandoned seven years ago when we moved to Vermont. AFAIK, that phone number has never been listed on the UT website. Obviously, dated personal information is floating around, obtained who knows how?

  4. Philip Cohen says:

    I got the same message – on Monday.

  5. Mark Turner says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who has gotten these mysterious infographic emails. Here’s what I’ve figured out so far:

    Andrew, I don’t know you but if you can forward the mystery email you received (with full headers, if possible), I’d love to keep hunting this down. Thanks!

    A fellow blogger,

    Mark Turner
    Raleigh, NC

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