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When you SHARE poorly researched infographics…

Ironically, I can't find the source for this awesome graphic that's been making the rounds.

Ironically, I can’t find the source for this awesome graphic that’s been making the rounds. -Phil


  1. Google reverse image search is your friend:

    “When you ride ALONE, you ride with Hitler. Join a Car-sharing Club TODAY!”

  2. Jeff says:

    I don’t see it on here (yet?) but it immediately made me think of the propaganda-esque stats posters on this Etsy store called NausicaaDistribution:

  3. Noah Easterly says:

    Page 2 of google image search shows who modded it (or, at least, claims to):

  4. Pat Race says:

    Hi. I made this. It’s not my artwork, the original is by Weimer Pursell. I included some tiny tiny credits in the lower left corner.

    I hope you all have a day that exceeds the expectations of pleasantness forecast by your statistical models.

  5. Look Who's Talking says:

    Using Hitler to disparage everything and everybody, no matter how minor it is, shows an impressive lack of perspective and sensitivity. Such an inflationary use of Hitler devalues the utter inhumanity of his regime, including the brutal death of millions and millions of innocent people, by equating it with largely irrelevant things such as poorly cited infographics. (Of course one should follow good academic practice and cite one’s sources, but how does that compare to wars of aggression and concentration camps?!) I find this highly offensive and would suggest that those involved do some proper research on the subject, which is equally good academic practice, before going out on a limb only to crack a tasteless joke, thereby demeaning millions of victims (some of which are still alive). So, when you SHARE poorly researched “funny” graphics, check the context and think FIRST!

    • Tom says:

      The irony being that Hitler’s PR machine was highly successful with infographics based on pure lies. Although using an extreme, the message is very pertinent and I don’t think it is as distasteful as suggested

    • Anonymous says:

      This joke ties in with the popular youtube hitler parodies (adding your own subtitles to a particular scene from the 2004 movie Downfall), and also with Godwin’s Law ('s_law).

    • Wayne says:

      I believe this parody ties in with the Youtube hitler parodies (adding subtitles to the 2004 movie Downfall), and with Godwin’s Law ('s_law). And let’s be honest, the original is pretty far-fetched.

    • Phil says:

      LWT, you’ve got a hard task ahead of you if you want to stop people from using Hitler, Nazis, war propaganda, or the intersection of these, as a basis for humor. And I assume the same goes for Stalin, Mao, bin Laden, Saddam Hussein…. I guess we just disagree on this.

      Even thinking twice (literally) doesn’t make me think twice (figuratively) about posting this.

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