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Data Science for Social Good summer fellowship program

Juan-Pablo Velez writes:

I’m helping with a Data Science for Social Good summer fellowship program at the University of Chicago.
The goal is to train data scientists that can tackle problems in education, healthcare, energy, transportation, and more. Working with full-time mentors from academia, industry, and the Obama campaign, fellows will build high-impact analytics projects using statistics, machine learning, data mining, and big data technologies.
For fellows, we’re looking for grad students, advanced undergrads, and professionals in computer science, machine learning, statistics, and the computational and quantitative sciences. For mentors, we’re looking for folks with practical data science experience.
Fellows and mentors will be paid competitively and housed in Chicago for duration of the program, from early June to late August.
Rayid Ghani, former Chief Scientist of the Obama 2012 campaign, is leading the program. Eric Schmidt of Google and Jake Porway of DataKind are advisors.
Applications are due April 1st. Fellows and mentors can apply at, or contact and @datascifellows with questions.