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Job openings at conservative political analytics firm!

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After posting that announcement about Civis Analytics, I wrote, “If a reconstituted Romney Analytics team is hiring, let me know and I’ll post that ad too.” Adam Schaeffer obliged:

Not sure about Romney’s team, but Evolving Strategies is looking for sharp folks who lean right:

Evolving Strategies is a political communications research firm specializing in randomized controlled experiments in the “lab” and in the “field.” ES is bringing a scientific revolution to free-market/conservative politics.

We are looking for people who are obsessive about getting things right and creative in their work. A ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of the academic literature in their field, highly developed skills, a commitment to academic rigor, but an intuitive understanding of practical political concerns and objectives as well.

We’re looking for new talent to help with our fast-growing portfolio in these areas:
High-level data processing, statistical analysis and modeling
Experimental design and execution

Helpful skills and experience include:
Experience designing and implementing social science experiments, online “lab” and “field.”
Extensive experience in statistical analysis and mastery of statistics software (R, Stata, etc.).
Extensive experience analyzing experimental and/or large datasets.
Extensive knowledge of academic research on political behavior/psychology.
Experience with or serious interest and knowledge of practical political activities; campaigns, issue-advocacy, etc.
Advanced degree (M.A., M.S., or Ph.D) in quantitative social sciences is preferred but not required with sufficient demonstration of skill and experience.

If interested, please send a C.V./resume and short cover-letter regarding:
Relevant skills and background
Interest in part-time consulting or full-time employment
Maximum hours per week available (indicate general availability and willingness to work longer hours on a short-term basis)
Hourly pay expectation or expected salary

Please send all questions and relevant materials to:

Evolving Strategies is an equal opportunity employer located in Northern Virginia. Working remotely is possible for all part time consulting and some salaried positions. Salary is commensurate with experience.


  1. Hi Andrew:

    Thanks for the job openings. But, I’m still trying to understand how personal opinions matter in a statistical analysis. As statisticians, we are trained to let the data decide. I understand that we can formulate opinionated priors, but so can the opposition! I guess your opinions can help you decide what you want to study, but then you are still stuck with what the data says IMHO. Anyways, thanks for this post and all of the posts from you and your colleagues. This is my favorite blog!


    • Andrew says:


      Personal opinions matter because they affect what you might study. For example, a conservative activist group might hire this firm to try to more effectively target their allocation of resources in a media campaign.

  2. Billy says:

    Nice way to wrap up the week. (you following through on promise, I don’t know why you’re looking at me that way)

  3. Eric Tassone says:

    Excellent choice of image in this post. I wonder if they unskewed that poll — though to be fair, was taken a bit early, for example, before Gov. Romney earned the nomination by beating a stable of potent challengers (Bachmann, Gingrich, Cain, Perry, etc.)

  4. barry says:

    “Quantitative social science” sounds like an oxymoron.

  5. Corona says:

    Subjects like this make the average American puke projectile.