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Most Popular Girl Names by State over Time

The following should be catnip for Andrew. It combines (a) statistics on baby names, (b) time series, and (c) statistics broken down by state. All in one really fun animated visualization by Reuben Fischer-Baum:

As Mark Liberman commented in his re-post on Language Log, this data cries out for some multilevel modeling.


  1. Steve Sailer says:

    Laura Wattenberg’s fun Baby Name Wizard size comes with a lot of commentary on what drives trends. I’m not sure if Wattenberg statistically analyzes her vast amount of data or just eyeballs it, but she generally knows what she’s talking about. (Any relationship to Ben Wattenberg, the 1970s electoral data analyst?)

  2. Rahul says:

    It’s a lovely visualization I thought. Just some offhand observations:

    (a) Has naming diversity increased lately? (b) Poor lil’ NE-states. Those little states get wiped out from visualizations; I didn’t even notice their top names.

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