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If I could’ve done it all over again

I’d’ve given this blog the name, tl;dr.

Too late to change it now, though, I think!


  1. JSE says:

    I sort of like your mouthful of an old-school blog title!

    I too chose my title on a whim at a time when I didn’t think the blog would last, or be read by anyone, but I’m actually happy with it, even though people sometimes complain about it, and can’t pronounce or spell it.

  2. Lord says:

    There are always subtitles.

  3. Dan Riley says:

    too late; didn’t rename

  4. John Mashey says:

    With a slight change of ordering, you could at least have had a pronounceable acronym, SMICSS.
    As it is, I just tell people to read Andrew Gelman’s blog plus link, rather than the title.

  5. Entsophy says:

    Stan-tastical Modeling, Casual Inference, and Social Séances.

  6. BrendanH says:

    I’ve always thought your biggest naming mistake was not putting that extra “a” in “Stan”.

  7. Anonymous says:

    tl;dr but here is my opinion anyway, or tl;dr|mo

  8. nnyhav says:

    “For large sets, this will be our guide even unto death.”
    (“Posts generated by a Markov chain trained on the King James Bible and Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.”)

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