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Best blog comment ever

Go here and scroll down to the comment by “hokiesuck.”

P.S. Some people report that they can’t get to the comments on the Monkey Cage blog, so I’ll repost it here:

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 9.10.32 PM


  1. JT says:

    Now you’ve got me thinking about how to procedurally generate troll comments. Could even build different ones for different kinds of troll!

  2. Thouis Jones says:

    Reminds me of this:

    (Doghouse Diaries, via Incidental Economist)

  3. City walker says:

    I was so excited to experience the “best blog comment ever,” and so disappointed when I read it. Seems like he speaks from a generalized animus towards scientific studies rather an insightful understanding of the issues in this particular study.

    • Horace Boothroyd III says:

      Yeah. Perhaps he was bitten by a sociologist when he was a lad. Certainly he has no concept of what scientists do, how they do it, and why society as a whole benefits.

  4. Manoel Galdino says:

    It seems that I have to subscribe to WP in order to see the comments. Thanks, but no.

  5. Robin Morris says:

    I much preferred this line, from the article itself:

    “it’s reasonable to consider the sex of one’s child as a randomly-assigned treatment”

    I’m sure my wife will be happy to hear that!

  6. Mike says:


  7. Lewis says:

    This has been one of the most interesting aspects of the migration over to the WP — the Monkey Cage’s poli-sci inside baseball comments threads suddenly turned into this bizarre spectacle of diehard partisan comments-feed trolls struggling with coming face to face with reasoned academic discussion of evidence-based research. Probably enough for an interesting sociological study in there…

  8. hokiesareok says:

    any chance of a reprint of this comment? my anti- tracking software blocka the WP comments section.

  9. Chris G says:

    > a ‘study by sociologists” is going to dictate voting preferences?

    No, but it might turn you into a gay seagull.

  10. Pretendous says:

    Where, indeed, is the priorities?

  11. D.O. says:

    Sen. Coburn’s sock puppet?

    I first thought that this was better, but no, hokiesuck is a winner. Progress!

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