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“I have no idea who Catalina Garcia is, but she makes a decent ruler”

Best blog comment ever, following up on our post, How tall is Jon Lee Anderson?:

Based on this picture: he appears to be fairly tall. But the perspective makes it hard to judge.

Based on this picture: he appears to be about 9-10 inches taller than Catalina Garcia.

But how tall is Catalina Garcia? Not that tall – she’s shorter than the high-wire artist Phillipe Petit And he doesn’t appear to be that tall… about the same height as Claire Danes: – who according to Google is 5′ 6″.

So if Jon Lee Anderson is 10″ taller than Catalina Garcia, who is 2″ shorter than Philippe Petit, who is the same height as Claire Danes, then he is 6′ 2″ tall.

I have no idea who Catalina Garcia is, but she makes a decent ruler.


  1. Nony says:

    Fess up. How many people didn’t care about the cute comment but clicked on the links to see if the girl was hot?

  2. Kyle C says:

    Clever, but I have to agree for different reasons. We really can’t tell how tall Ms. Garcia is from these photos. M. Petit is probably 5’8″ or 5’9″, since Clare Danes is probably wearing 2″ or 3″ heels with that dress. Ms. Garcia is noticeably shorter than M. Petit, but I don’t think we know by how much, since, based on the attitudes of their upper bodies, they appear to be seated. And we don’t know whether Ms. Garcia was wearing heels with her dress in the photo with Mr. Anderson. So we fall back on priors. We don’t know Ms. Garcia’s ethnic background, but from the context, we can guess Latin American. The average Latin American woman is about 5’3″, and the photo with Mr. Anderson appears to be from a business casual event, so we’ll guess she’s wearing 1″ heels, and his heels may lift him a bit, too, so a 9″ or 10″ difference would make him … yeah, maybe 6’2″.

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