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Stan (& JAGS) Tutorial on Linear Mixed Models

Shravan Vasishth sent me an earlier draft of this tutorial he co-authored with Tanner Sorensen. I liked it, asked if I could blog about it, and in response, they’ve put together a convenient web page with links to the tutorial PDF, JAGS and Stan programs, and data:

Fitting linear mixed models using JAGS and Stan: A tutorial

The tutorial’s aimed at psycholinguists in particular and cognitive psychologists more generally, but it’s clear enough to be understood by anyone. Plus, the psycholinguistic data is a lot of fun.

There’s contact info on the tutorial itself if you want to send the authors feedback directly.

I have to say I’m very psyched to see other people writing tutorials for Stan for particular application areas of interest.


  1. Nick Menzies says:

    FYI — above two comments are advertising links.

  2. j_bulbulia says:

    Gosh, this is a clear tutorial. Quite apart from the plug for Stan, it’s among the best brief introduction to GLMMs I’ve come across. The authors (I don’t know them) should be commended for their clarity. Thanks for sharing this Bob.

  3. Ed says:

    I get a 404 when I try the link (I know, I’m a year late to the party.) I don’t read any german so I couldn’t search for it on the new website it refers to….

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