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On deck this month

  • Can we make better graphs of global temperature history?
  • Priors I don’t believe
  • Cause he thinks he’s so-phisticated
  • Discussion with Steven Pinker on research that is attached to data that are so noisy as to be essentially uninformative
  • Combining forecasts: Evidence on the relative accuracy of the simple average and Bayesian model averaging for predicting social science problems
  • What property is important in a risk prediction model? Discrimination or calibration?
  • “What should you talk about?”
  • Science tells us that fast food lovers are more likely to marry other fast food lovers
  • Personally, I’d rather go with Teragram
  • How much can we learn about individual-level causal claims from state-level correlations?
  • Bill Easterly vs. Jeff Sachs: What percentage of the recipients didn’t use the free malaria bed nets in Zambia?
  • Models with constraints
  • Forum in Ecology on p-values and model selection
  • Never back down: The culture of poverty and the culture of journalism
  • My short career as a Freud expert
  • “P.S. Is anyone working on hierarchical survival models?”
  • Skepticism about a published claim regarding income inequality and happiness
  • Big Data needs Big Model
  • Did Neyman really say of Fisher’s work, “It’s easy to get the right answer if you never define what the question is,” and did Fisher really describe Neyman as “a theorem-proving poseur who wouldn’t recognized real data if it bit him in the ass”?
  • An interesting mosaic of a data programming course
  • Why I decided not to be a physicist
  • Open-source tools for running online field experiments
  • I was wrong . . .
  • Just wondering
  • When you believe in things that you don’t understand
  • I posted this as a comment on a sociology blog
  • The role of technocratic thinking in economics and statistics

This’ll take us to the end of May. Enjoy.


  1. Ben Hyde says:

    ok, this is just showing off :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Could we vote topics up and down to determine the order? Bottom 3 maybe dropped altogether? (a Jack Welchian incentive…)

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