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An interesting mosaic of a data programming course

Rajit Dasgupta writes:

I have been working on a website, SlideRule that in its present state, is a catalog of online courses aggregated from over 35 providers. One of the products we are building on top of this is something called Learning Paths, which are essentially a sequence of Online Courses designed to help learners gain mastery over a certain subject.

We have recently released a Learning Path on Data Analysis, contributed by Claudia Gold, an early data scientist at Airbnb. We’d love it if you could look at it and tell us what you think. We are always looking for constructive feedback.

I clicked through and took a look. It’s pretty cool. I haven’t tried to assess the actual teaching materials (they’re mostly about programming, not statistics) but I like how it’s structured based on pointers to existing resources, which seems like an excellent compromise between (a) someone trying to write the material all himself or herself (which would require either limiting the scope of the course or going off into areas outside the author’s areas of competence) and (b) a pile of undifferentiated links. The material here is well structured into sections, but each section then has a link.

My only suggestion is that this particular learning path be called Data Programming, which seems like a more accurate title than Data Analysis.


  1. Rahul says:

    I couldn’t look at it without signing up. I gave up.

  2. Mike Spagat says:


    I think you’re gonna ace it! Don’t forget to do the extra credit assignments.

    Mike Spagat

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