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Awesomest media request of the year

(Sent to all the American Politics faculty at Columbia, including me)

RE: Donald Trump presidential candidacy


Firstly, apologies for the group email but I wasn’t sure who would be best prized to answer this query as we’ve not had much luck so far.

I am a Dubai-based reporter for **.
Donald Trump recently announced his intension to run for the US presidency in 2016.
He currently has a lot of high profile commercial and business deals in Dubai and is actively in talks for more in the wider region.

We have been trying to determine:
If a candidate succeeds in winning a nomination and goes on to win the election and reside in the White House do they have to give up their business interests as these would be seen as a conflict of interest? Can a US president serve in office and still have massive commercial business interests abroad?

Basically, would Trump have to relinquish these relationships if he was successfully elected? Are there are existing rules specifically governing this? Is there any previous case studies to go on?

Lastly, what are his chances of winning a nomination or being elected? So far, from what we have read it seems highly unlikely?


Executive Editor


  1. Chris says:

    I hope you gave this question all due attention.

  2. Roger says:

    It is a legitimate question. Trump would probably put his assets into a blind trust. This may not have any practical consequence for Dubai.

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