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Stan at JSM2015

In addition to Jigiang’s talk on Stan, 11:25 AM on Wednesday, I’ll also be giving a talk about Hamiltonian Monte Carlo today at 3:20 PM.  Stanimals in attendance can come find me to score a sweet Stan sticker.


And everyone should check out Andrew’s breakout performance in “A Stan is Born”.

Update: Turns out I missed even more Stan!  There was a great session just this morning, that unfortunately I was not able to post earlier due to some logistical issues (i.e. my inadvertently leaving my laptop behind after my talk yesterday…). Seth will also be talking about his sweet Gaussian processes Tuesday at 10:35 AM.


  1. Shravan says:

    Fantastic video! I am going to open my ESSLLI course on Bayesian data analysis with Andrew’s youtube performance. Andrew, you should be in the movies, what are you doing in this boring field of statistics where nothing ever happens and \mu is almost always 0?

    • Martha says:

      Not to take any glory away from Andrew, but the you tube video that automatically followed the Stan video was very interesting: George Dyson on the history of the Monte Carlo algorithm (including, of course, discussion of the pre-namesake Stan Ulam),

    • Jim Savage says:

      Biggest belly-laughs all day. Thanks! Now how can I get one of those stickers?

      • @Jim: We’ll put them up on StickerMule, which is who made them. No idea if they’ll ship to Australia, but if they don’t, I’d be happy to send you one (if you’re not this offer only stands for people who’ve invited me to dinner!). I think we’ll probably have three versions, one with just the logo, one with the “”, and one with just “Stan”. We also have the logos for RStan, PyStan, etc. I just need to find an hour to set up the shop.

        @Martha: Nice video, but as Michael pointed out when I sent it to him, a very sad ending.

  2. Andrew says:

    Those little stickers are adorable! I’m think we could make some delicious Stan cupcakes with red frosting.

  3. Bill Harris says:

    Michael, how much of this overlaps your 2014 ML talk in Iceland?

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