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Top posts of 2015

Here they are:

What to think about in 2015: How can the principles of statistical quality control be applied to statistics education

Stethoscope as weapon of mass distraction

“Why continue to teach and use hypothesis testing?”

Relaxed plagiarism standards as a way to keep the tuition dollars flowing from foreign students

What to do in 2015: Your statistics diary

“Life Paths and Accomplishments of Mathematically Precocious Males and Females Four Decades Later”

Planning my class for this semester: Thinking aloud about how to move toward active learning?

A completely reasonable-sounding statement with which I strongly disagree

Wow—this is much more impressive than anything Frank Flynn ever did!

“Epidemiology and Biostatistics: competitive or complementary?”

What’s misleading about the phrase, “Statistical significance is not the same as practical significance”

Some art so far

Stan comes through . . . again!

Cross-validation, LOO and WAIC for time series

When a study fails to replicate: let’s be fair and open-minded

Lewis Richardson, father of numerical weather prediction and of fractals

Lee Sechrest

“Surely our first response to the disproof of a shocking-but-surprising claim should be to be un-shocked and un-surprised, not to try to explain away the refutation”

Another benefit of bloglag

Github cheat sheet

Plans for reboot of Statistical Communication class

High risk, low return

Debate on using margin of error with non-probability panels

Patience and research

What’s the point of the margin of error?

“What then should we teach about hypothesis testing?”

Tell me what you don’t know

The (hypothetical) phase diagram of a statistical or computational method

“It is perhaps merely an accident of history that skeptics and subjectivists alike strain on the gnat of the prior distribution while swallowing the camel that is the likelihood”

About a zillion people pointed me to yesterday’s xkcd cartoon

Just in case

First day of class update

Six quick tips to improve your regression modeling

Cognitive vs. behavioral in psychology, economics, and political science

Economics/sociology phrase book

Documenting a class-participation activity

Oh, it’s so frustrating when you’re trying to help someone out, and then you realize you’re dealing with a snake.

This has nothing to do with the Super Bowl

Deciding the ultimate seminar speaker: The rules

Total survey error

Plato (1) vs. Henny Youngman

The plagiarist (not; see correction below) next door

Mark Twain (4) vs. L. Ron Hubbard

Why I keep talking about “generalizing from sample to population”

James Joyce (3) vs. Mary Baker Eddy

Statistical analysis recapitulates the development of statistical methods

Mohammad (2) vs. Ed McMahon

How a clever analysis of health survey data became transformed into bogus feel-good medical advice

Miguel de Cervantes (2) vs. Joan Crawford

Sorry, but I’m with Richard Ford on this one

Henry David Thoreau (3) vs. Charles Manson

Discussion with Steven Pinker connecting cognitive psychology research to the difficulties of writing

Marcel Duchamp (4) vs. Thomas Kinkade

In search of the elusive loop of plagiarism

Albert Camus (1) vs. Bruno Latour

When the evidence is unclear

Leonardo da Vinci (1) vs. The guy who did Piss Christ

Two Unrecognized Hall Of Fame Shortstops

Claude Levi-Strauss (4) vs. Raymond Aron

What to graph, not just how to graph it

Ed Wood (3) vs. Phyllis Schlafly

Two Unrecognized Hall Of Fame Statisticians

Alan Turing (2) vs. Yoko Ono

“Peer assessment enhances student learning”

Simone de Beauvoir (2) vs. Raymond Carver

James Watson sez: Cancer cure is coming in minus 14 years!

Chris Rock (3) vs. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Bayesian survival analysis with horseshoe priors—in Stan!

Larry David (4) vs. Thomas Hobbes

VB-Stan: Black-box black-box variational Bayes

Jesus (1) vs. Leo Tolstoy

Another example of why centering predictors can be good idea

Mohandas Gandhi (1) vs. Stanley Kubrick

Statistical Significance – Significant Problem?

Mother Teresa (4) vs. Sun Myung Moon

Bayes and doomsday

Vincent van Gogh (3) vs. Grandma Moses

“Academics should be made accountable for exaggerations in press releases about their own work”

Philip K. Dick (2) vs. Jean Baudrillard

“Unbiasedness”: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Martin Luther King (2) vs. Sigmund Freud

“A small but growing collection of studies suggest X” . . . huh?

Aristotle (3) vs. Stewart Lee

The axes are labeled but I don’t know what the dots represent.

Abraham (4) vs. Jane Austen

Psych journal bans significance tests; stat blogger inundated with emails

Richard Pryor (1) vs. Karl Popper

“The harm done by tests of significance” (article from 1994 in the journal, “Accident Analysis and Prevention”)

William Shakespeare (1) vs. Karl Marx

Bertrand Russell goes to the IRB

Friedrich Nietzsche (4) vs. Alan Bennett

“Precise Answers to the Wrong Questions”

Buddha (3) vs. John Updike

What hypothesis testing is all about. (Hint: It’s not what you think.)

Rembrandt van Rijn (2) vs. Bertrand Russell

Introducing shinyStan

One simple trick to make Stan run faster

George Carlin (2) vs. Barbara Kruger

These are the statistics papers you just have to read

Bernard-Henry Levy (3) vs. Jacques Derrida; Carlin advances

Recent challenges and developments in Bayesian modeling and computation (from a political and social science perspective)

Defaults, once set, are hard to change.

Judy Garland (4) vs. Al Sharpton; Derrida advances

“The Saturated Fat Studies: Set Up to Fail”

John Waters (1) vs. Bono; Garland advances

Statistics job opening . . . at the NBA!

First World problems: Stan edition

Interactive demonstrations for linear and Gaussian process regressions

Causal Impact from Google

Ellen Langer: expert on, and victim of, the illusion of control

The illusion of the illusion of control

“Voices from everywhere saying gently: This we praise. This we don’t.”

Transformative experiences: a discussion with L. A. Paul and Paul Bloom

Stock-and-flow and other concepts that are important in statistical modeling but typically don’t get taught to statisticians

Using to predict y: What’s that all about??

They don’t fit into their categories

“In general I think these literatures have too much focus on data analysis and not enough on data collection.”

The State of the Art in Causal Inference: Some Changes Since 1972

The 1980 Math Olympiad Program: Where are they now?

New time unit needed!

What do CERN, the ISS, and Stephen Fry have in Common?

March Madness!

“How the Internet Scooped Science (and What Science Still Has to Offer)”

Why I don’t use the terms “fixed” and “random” (again)

Paul Meehl continues to be the boss

Adiabatic as I wanna be: Or, how is a chess rating like classical economics?

Define first, prove later

Another disgraced primatologist . . . this time featuring “sympathetic dentists”

Imagining p<.05 triggers increased publication

The publication of one of my pet ideas: Simulation-efficient shortest probability intervals

Regression: What’s it all about? [Bayesian and otherwise]

How is ethics like logistic regression?

Time-release pedagogy??

Enough with the replication police

There are 5 ways to get fired from Caesars: (1) theft, (2) sexual harassment, (3) running an experiment without a control group, (4) keeping a gambling addict away from the casino, and (5) chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings

A rare topical post

“Thinking about the possibility of spurious correlation isn’t a matter of liking—it should be pretty much automatic.”

This is why I’m a political scientist and not a psychologist

But when you call me Bayesian, I know I’m not the only one

The championship! Thomas Hobbes vs. Philip K. Dick

And . . . our featured 2015 seminar speaker is . . . Thomas HOBBES!!!!!

Outside pissing in

Comparison of Bayesian predictive methods for model selection

How can teachers of (large) online classes use text data from online learners?

New research in tuberculosis mapping and control

Mistaken identity

A silly little error, of the sort that I make every day

Another stylized fact bites the dust

“Another bad chart for you to criticize”

Why do we communicate probability calculations so poorly, even when we know how to do it better?

“For better or for worse, academics are fascinated by academic rankings . . .”

A message I just sent to my class

Item-response and ideal point models

Perhaps the most contextless email I’ve ever received

Gigerenzer on logical rationality vs. ecological rationality

How do data and experiments fit into a scientific research program?

Diederik Stapel in the news, again

Go to PredictWise for forecast probabilities of events in the news

Online predictions from ipredict

The feather, the bathroom scale, and the kangaroo

Instead of worrying about multiple hypothesis correction, just fit a hierarchical model.

A message from the vice chairman of surgery at Columbia University: “Garcinia Camboja. It may be the simple solution you’ve been looking for to bust your body fat for good.”

Political Attitudes in Social Environments

Statistical significance, practical significance, and interactions

Statistical analysis on a dataset that consists of a population

Eccentric mathematician

What’s the most important thing in statistics that’s not in the textbooks?

Carl Morris: Man Out of Time [reflections on empirical Bayes]

Good, mediocre, and bad p-values

There are 6 ways to get rejected from PLOS: (1) theft, (2) sexual harassment, (3) running an experiment without a control group, (4) keeping a gambling addict away from the casino, (5) chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, and (6) having no male co-authors

“The general problem I have with noninformatively-derived Bayesian probabilities is that they tend to be too strong.”

Which of these classes should he take?

Forget about pdf: this looks much better, it makes all my own papers look like kids’ crayon drawings by comparison.

A causal-inference version of a statistics problem: If you fit a regression model with interactions, and the underlying process has an interaction, your coefficients won’t be directly interpretable

He’s looking for probability puzzles

In criticism of criticism of criticism

A question about physics-types models for flows in economics

What I got wrong (and right) about econometrics and unbiasedness

Social networks spread disease—but they also spread practices that reduce disease

Collaborative filtering, hierarchical modeling, and . . . speed dating

There’s No Such Thing As Unbiased Estimation. And It’s a Good Thing, Too.

There’s something about humans

“I mean, what exact buttons do I have to hit?”

The connection between varying treatment effects and the well-known optimism of published research findings

I actually think this infographic is ok

Apology to George A. Romero

Are you ready to go fishing in the data lake?

“Do we have any recommendations for priors for student_t’s degrees of freedom parameter?”

Bob Carpenter’s favorite books on GUI design and programming

New Alan Turing preprint on Arxiv!

Bayesian inference: The advantages and the risks

Objects of the class “Foghorn Leghorn”

“In my previous post on the topic, I expressed surprise at the published claim but no skepticism”

BREAKING . . . Princeton decides to un-hire Kim Jong-Un for tenure-track assistant professorship in aeronautical engineering

Can talk therapy halve the rate of cancer recurrence? How to think about the statistical significance of this finding? Is it just another example of the garden of forking paths?

Weggy update: it just gets sadder and sadder

Creativeness is the ability to see relationships where none exist

John Lott as possible template for future career of “Bruno” Lacour

Kaiser’s beef

Chess + statistics + plagiarism, again!

An inundation of significance tests

Stock, flow, and two smoking regressions

What’s the worst joke you’ve ever heard? > Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times

John Bohannon’s chocolate-and-weight-loss hoax study actually understates the problems with standard p-value scientific practice

“With that assurance, a scientist can report his or her work to the public, and the public can trust the work.”

The greatest impediment to research progress is not impediments to research progress, it is scientists reading about impediments to research progress

All the things that don’t make it into the news

My final post on this Tony Blair thing

Cross-validation != magic

Of buggy whips and moral hazards; or, Sympathy for the Aapor

A quick one

Should you get the blood transfusion?

“History is the prediction of the present”

What to do to train to apply statistical models to political science and public policy issues

“The psychologists are getting a hard time for doing what they do, whereas people doing real harm to society are happily roaming around like free range chicken”

The posterior distribution of the likelihood ratio as a summary of evidence

“Best Linear Unbiased Prediction” is exactly like the Holy Roman Empire

Does your time as a parent make a difference?

The language of insignificance

Wikipedia is the best

Because there is no observable certainty other than the existence of thought

How tall is Kit Harrington? Stan wants to know.

Michael LaCour in 20 years

The David Brooks files: How many uncorrected mistakes does it take to be discredited?

Born-open data

You can crush us, you can bruise us, yes, even shoot us, but oh—not a pie chart!

In which a complete stranger offers me a bet

Statistics Be

“When more data steer us wrong: replications with the wrong dependent measure perpetuate erroneous conclusions”

Hey, what’s up with that x-axis??

A question about race based stratification


When the counterintuitive becomes the norm, arguments get twisted out of shape

Sam Smith sings like a dream but he’s as clueless as Nicholas Wade when it comes to genetics

“Faith means belief in something concerning which doubt is theoretically possible.” — William James (again)

Interpreting posterior probabilities in the context of weakly informative priors

What’s So Fun About Fake Data?

God is in every leaf of every probability puzzle

A note from John Lott

Hey, this is what Michael Lacour should’ve done when they asked him for his data

Where does Mister P draw the line?

Humility needed in decision-making

“Why should anyone believe that? Why does it make sense to model a series of astronomical events as though they were spins of a roulette wheel in Vegas?”

July 4th

“Menstrual Cycle Phase Does Not Predict Political Conservatism”

Discreteland and Continuousland

An Excel add-in for regression analysis

Evaluating the Millennium Villages Project

Hey—guess what? There really is a hot hand!

Economists betting on replication

Inauthentic leadership? Development and validation of methods-based criticism

“Physical Models of Living Systems”

Don’t do the Wilcoxon

Survey weighting and regression modeling

Awesomest media request of the year

Prior information, not prior belief

New papers on LOO/WAIC and Stan

Stan is Turing complete

Measurement is part of design

Annals of Spam

Lauryn’s back!

“17 Baby Names You Didn’t Know Were Totally Made Up”

Richard Feynman and the tyranny of measurement

Don’t put your whiteboard behind your projection screen

A bad definition of statistical significance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Effective Health Care Program

BREAKING . . . Kit Harrington’s height

More gremlins: “Instead, he simply pretended the other two estimates did not exist. That is inexcusable.”

45 years ago in the sister blog

Ira Glass asks. We answer.

The 3 Stages of Busy

Ripped from the pages of a George Pelecanos novel

“We can keep debating this after 11 years, but I’m sure we all have much more pressing things to do (grants? papers? family time? attacking 11-year-old papers by former classmates? guitar practice?)”

What’s the stupidest thing the NYC Department of Education and Columbia University Teachers College did in the past decade?

“Women Respond to Nobel Laureate’s ‘Trouble With Girls’”

This sentence by Thomas Mallon would make Barry N. Malzberg spin in his grave, except that he’s still alive so it would just make him spin in his retirement

If you leave your datasets sitting out on the counter, they get moldy

The plagiarist (not; see correction below) next door strikes back: Different standards of plagiarism in different communities

Pro Publica’s new Surgeon Scorecards

How Hamiltonian Monte Carlo works

When does Bayes do the job?

The secret to making a successful conference presentation

Classifying causes of death using “verbal autopsies”

Monte Carlo and the Holy Grail

Dan Kahan doesn’t trust the Turk

Fitting a multilevel model

Neither time nor stomach

It’s hard to replicate (that is, duplicate) analyses in sociology

Wasting time reading old comment threads

Reprint of “Observational Studies” by William Cochran followed by comments by current researchers in observational studies

Hey—Don’t trust anything coming from the Tri-Valley Center for Human Potential!

Harry S. Truman, Jesus H. Christ, Roy G. Biv

Why couldn’t Breaking Bad find Mexican Mexicans?

Rockin the tabloids

Macartan Humphreys on the Worm Wars

“Soylent 1.5” < black beans and yoghurt

Aahhhhh, young people!

That was easy

Plaig! (non-Wegman edition)

We provide a service

“The belief was so strong that it trumped the evidence before them.”

“Can you change your Bayesian prior?”

Vizzy vizzy vizzy viz

New paper on psychology replication

Performing design calculations (type M and type S errors) on a routine basis?

“Another bad chart for you to criticize”

Uri Simonsohn warns us not to be falsely reassured

Constructing an informative prior using meta-analysis

Stan attribution

To understand the replication crisis, imagine a world in which everything was published.

USAs usannsynlige presidentkandidat.

A Psych Science reader-participation game: Name this blog post

P-values and statistical practice

Emails I never finished reading

BREAKING . . . Sepp Blatter accepted $2M payoff from Dennis Hastert

Comments on Imbens and Rubin causal inference book

Matlab/Octave and Python demos for BDA3

“Dow 36,000” guy offers an opinion on Tom Brady’s balls. The rest of us are supposed to listen?

Irwin Shaw: “I might mistrust intellectuals, but I’d mistrust nonintellectuals even more.”

Meet Teletherm, the hot new climate change statistic!

Let’s apply for some of that sweet, sweet National Sanitation Foundation funding

Being polite vs. saying what we really think

Why is this double-y-axis graph not so bad?


War, Numbers and Human Losses

Review of The Martian

Why aren’t people sharing their data and code?

Even though it’s published in a top psychology journal, she still doesn’t believe it

The aching desire for regular scientific breakthroughs

Medical decision making under uncertainty


“The frequentist case against the significance test”

Erdos bio for kids

Have weak data. But need to make decision. What to do?

“I do not agree with the view that being convinced an effect is real relieves a researcher from statistically testing it.”

What was the worst statistical communication experience you’ve ever had?


Draw your own graph!

Amtrak is evil

Low-power pose

Annals of Spam

The Final Bug, or, Please please please please please work this time!

Fitting models with discrete parameters in Stan

How to use lasso etc. in political science?

An unconvincing analysis claiming to debunk the health benefits of moderate drinking

Hot hand explanation again

Jason Chaffetz is the Garo Yepremian of the U.S. House of Representatives, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Comparing Waic (or loo, or any other predictive error measure)

Flamebait: “Mathiness” in economics and political science

Cognitive skills rising and falling

PMXStan: an R package to facilitate Bayesian PKPD modeling with Stan

Anti-cheating robots

Mindset interventions are a scalable treatment for academic underachievement — or not?

“Gallup gives up the horse race: As pollsters confront unprecedented obstacles, the biggest name in the business backs away”

Most successful blog post ever

Political advertising update

Doomed to fail: A pre-registration site for parapsychology

Latest gay gene tabloid hype

Gay gene tabloid hype update

New competition: Pick a title for Niall Ferguson’s next book!

Mars Missions are a Scam

What do you learn from p=.05? This example from Carl Morris will blow your mind.

Here’s a theoretical research project for you

Hierarchical logistic regression in Stan: The untold story

In answer to James Coyne’s question, no, I can’t make sense of this diagram.

Lee Sechrest

Explaining to Gilovich about the hot hand

Ta-Nehisi Coates, David Brooks, and the “Street Code” of Journalism

It’s all about the denominator: Rajiv Sethi and Sendhil Mullainathan in a statistical debate on racial bias in police killings

What’s the probability that Daniel Murphy hits a home run tonight?

The answer to my previous question

3 reasons why you can’t always use predictive performance to choose among models

Meet the 1 doctor in America who has no opinion on whether cigarette smoking contributes to lung cancer in human beings.

Top 5 movies about scientists

Don’t miss this one: “Modern Physics from an Elementary Point of View”

Super-topical NBA post!!!

Hi-tech hoops: Characterizing the spatial structure of defensive skill in professional basketball

You won’t be able to stop staring at this original Hot Hand preprint

“How does peer review shape science?”

Are you ready for some smashmouth FOOTBALL?

2 new thoughts on Cauchy priors for logistic regression coefficients

Stop screaming already: Exaggeration of effects of fan distraction in NCAA basketball

My job here is done

“Another reminder that David Brooks is very good at being David Brooks”

The tabloids strike again

Hey—looky here! This business wants to hire a Stan expert for decision making.

Econometrics: Instrument locally, extrapolate globally

Why Retraction Watch remains necessary

Correcting statistical biases in “Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century”: We need to adjust for the increase in average age of people in the 45-54 category

Age adjustment mortality update

What happened to mortality among 45-54-year-old white non-Hispanics? It declined from 1989 to 1999, increased from 1999 to 2005, and held steady after that.

3 new priors you can’t do without, for coefficients and variance parameters in multilevel regression

You won’t believe these stunning transformations: How to parameterize hyperpriors in hierarchical models?

Pathological liars I have known

“Using prediction markets to estimate the reproducibility of scientific research”

Death rates have been increasing for middle-aged white women, decreasing for men

Taleb’s Precautionary Principle: Should we be scared of GMOs?

Pass the popcorn

Bayesian Computing: Adventures on the Efficient Frontier

Hanging Chad

Inference from an intervention with many outcomes, not using “statistical significance”

“Should Prison Sentences Be Based On Crimes That Haven’t Been Committed Yet?”

Why is it so hard for them to acknowledge a correction?

Asking the question is the most important step

Is 8+4 less than 3? 11% of respondents say Yes!

Just Filling in the Bubbles

Pareto smoothed importance sampling and infinite variance (2nd ed)

First, second, and third order bias corrections (also, my ugly R code for the mortality-rate graphs!)

I like the Monkey Cage

Tip o’ the iceberg to ya

Benford lays down the Law

Flatten your abs with this new statistical approach to quadrature

If a study is worth a mention, it’s worth a link

Top 9 questions to ask a statistician

I already know who will be president in 2016 but I’m not telling

Beyond the median split: Splitting a predictor into 3 parts

Gary McClelland agrees with me that dichotomizing continuous variables is a bad idea. He also thinks my suggestion of dividing a variable into 3 parts is also a mistake.

“iPredict to close after Govt refuses anti-money laundering law exemption”

You’ll never believe what this girl wrote in her diary (NSFW)

Comedy book with surefire can’t-miss formula, misses

7 tips for work-life balance

How does Brad Cooper analyze hierarchical survey data with post-stratification?

Garry is 50 years old. He is a chess player who is also active in a political movement.

Rogue historian just can’t stop can’t stop copying copying copying

Why are we such a litigious society?

Questions about data transplanted in kidney study

Judea Pearl and I briefly discuss extrapolation, causal inference, and hierarchical modeling

Cannabis/IQ follow-up: Same old story

Use of Jeffreys prior in estimating climate sensitivity

Probabilistic Integration

Hierarchical modeling when you have only 2 groups: I still think it’s a good idea, you just need an informative prior on the group-level variation

Fun media requests

Why I decided not to enter the $100,000 global warming time-series challenge

More on prior distributions for climate sensitivity

“Baby Boomer” as an inaccurate, all-purpose insult

1 cool trick for defining conditional probability

Jökull Snæbjarnarson writes . . .

Bayesian decision analysis for the drug-approval process (NSFW)

Mars 1, This American Life 0

LaCour and Green 1, This American Life 0

Working Stiff

Gathering of philosophers and physicists unaware of modern reconciliation of Bayes and Popper

Tug of War: Epic battle over data in controversial paper on chronic fatigue syndrome

A Replication in Economics: Does “Genetic Distance” to the US Predict Development?

Death of a statistician

“Once I was told to try every possible specification of a dependent variable (count, proportion, binary indicator, you name it) in a regression until I find a significant relationship. That is it, no justification for choosing one specification over another besides finding significance. . . . In another occasion I was asked to re-write a theory section of a paper to reflect an incidental finding from our analysis, so that it shows up as if we were asking a question about the incidental finding and had come up with the supported hypothesis a priori. . . .”

Rapid post-publication review

He’s skeptical about Neuroskeptic’s skepticism

“Journalistic lapses at the New York Times should, in effect, count triple”

R sucks

You’ll never guess how we answer this question: “Am I doing myself a disservice by being too idealistic in a corporate environment?”

More on the PACE (chronic fatigue syndrome study) scandal

Turbulent Studies, Rocky Statistics: Publicational Consequences of Experiencing Inferential Instability

Comment of the week

There are 6 ways to get fired from Johnson & Johnson: (1) theft, (2) sexual harassment, (3) running an experiment without a control group, (4) keeping a gambling addict away from the casino, (5) chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, and (6) not covering up records of side effects of a drug you’re marketing to kids

Citation shocker: “The lifecycle of scholarly articles across fields of economic research”

Guess what today’s kids are clicking on: My presentation at the Electronic Conference on Teaching Statistics

Showdown in Vegas: When the numbers differ in the third decimal place

Definitely got nothing to do with chess IV

I’d be hard pressed to pick a top 10 or even a top 50 of these, but I guess the best were the math olympiad memoir, the Carl Morris memoir, the unfolding saga of the age-adjusted death rates, the solution to the so-called global warming time-series challenge, and of course the hot hand story.

Also the best-seminar-speaker competition. That was fun.

Best wishes for 2016!

P.S. It was fun reading all these titles again. Some of the posts seemed so recent, I was surprised they were written so many months ago.


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    And, as usual, I duck all the interesting questions and move toward triviality:

    This should be a pie chart. Also add a color code to make the chart unreadable!

  2. Jonathan (another one) says:

    Is the difference between the top posts and the non top-posts top notch?

    Topping conclusion to the year.

    The Monster of Malmesbury thanks you. I used my Bem-ESP to ask him.

  3. Chris G says:

    Best wishes for 2016. Thanks for all your posts. I get a lot out of them and from the comments as well.

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