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Stan Course up North (Anchorage, Alaska) 23–24 Aug 2016

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Daniel Lee’s heading up to Anchorage, Alaska to teach a two-day Stan course at the Alaska chapter of the American Statistical Association (ASA) meeting in Anchorage. Here’s the rundown:

I hear Alaska’s beautiful in the summer—16 hour days in August and high temps of 17 degrees celsius. Plus Stan!

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After Alaska, Daniel and Michael Betancourt will be joining me in Paris, France on 19–21 September to teach a three-day course on Pharmacometric Modeling using Stan. PK/PD in Stan is now a whole lot easier after Sebastian Weber integrated CVODES (pun intended) to solve stiff differential equations with control over tolerances and max steps per iteration.

The day after the course in Paris, on 22 September, we (with Julie Bertrand and France Mentre) are hosting a one-day Workshop on Pharmacometric Modeling with Stan.

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