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I’m Niall Ferguson without the money


Somehow I agreed or volunteered to give 6 talks on different topics to different audiences during a two-week period. Maybe I need to use Google calendar with some sort of spacing feature.

Giving talks is fun, and it’s a public service, but this is ridiculous.


  1. Kyle C says:

    Niall Ferguson should be so lucky.

  2. A says:

    The money part seems to involve telling hedge fund managers what they need to hear to manage anxiety about their unprofitable macro bets.

    • Andrew says:


      Hey, I’m willing to tell hedge fund managers what they want to hear! And I do give talks for money (not Ferguson or Cuddy-style money, but real money nonetheless) to corporate audiences. I’ll draw the line at bro-style humor, though. Not from principle, but I just can’t carry it out with Ferguson’s panache.

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