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American Democracy and its Critics

I just happened to come across this article of mine from 2014: it’s a review published in the American Journal of Sociology of the book “American Democracy,” by Andrew Perrin.

My review begins:

Actually-existing democracy tends to have support in the middle of the political spectrum but is criticized on the two wings.

I like Perrin’s book, and I like my review too, so I’m sharing it with you here.

P.S. Turnabout is fair play; here’s Perrin’s review from a few years back of Red State Blue State and several other books.


  1. A. Donda says:

    Of course the left is discrediting the democratic project. If by “the democratic project” you mean a two-party system driven by lobbyism and donations from corporations and rich people, advertised by media owned by corporations and rich people. Shame on the left for “discrediting” such a wonderful system!

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