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Darn that Lindsey Graham! (or, “Mr. P Predicts the Kagan vote”)

On the basis of two papers and because it is completely obvious, we (meaning me, Justin, and John) predict that Elena Kagan will get confirmed to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. But we also want to see how close we can come to predicting the votes for and against. We actually have […]

Does Andy need one of these?

If he corrects Marshall’s bar graphs he does… HIMYM on the visualization of data

Mapping sin

Mapping the seven deadly sins

Future Trends for Same-Sex Marriage Support?

How will support for same-sex marriage change over time? One way to speculate is to break down current support across age groups, and that’s what Justin and I have done, building off of our forthcoming paper. We plot explicit support for allowing same-sex marriage broken down by state and by age. Seven states cross the […]

The Importance of Time Frame (contrasting pirate graphs)

Andy has frequently noted how conclusions can change depending on time frame…

Pirate graph advice, Andrew?

I’m sure there is a better way to convey this information…

Political Neuroscience

A piece by Brandon Keim in Wired points out some issues in the fMRI brain-politics study on reactions to presidential candidates discussed in a recent NYT op-ed. For example, Let’s look closer, though, at the response to Edwards. When looking at still pictures of him, “subjects who had rated him low on the thermometer scale […]