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Stone cold sober as a matter of fact

The blog is back. We had some problems, I have no idea why. But it looks ok now. We’ll reschedule some posts that appeared briefly during the rebuilding process.

Rss move

Our RSS feed is now directly accessible via – no need to go through feedburner. You need to resubscribe to the feed.

Migrating your blog from Movable Type to WordPress

Cord Blomquist, who did a great job moving us from horrible Movable Type to nice nice WordPress, writes: I [Cord] wanted to share a little news with you related to the original work we did for you last year. When ReadyMadeWeb converted your Movable Type blog to WordPress, we got a lot of other requestes […]

Read this blog on Google Currents

I’ve been told that if you download Google Currents to your iPad or Android device, you get a blog reader that beautifies the posts and makes it look more like a magazine. I don’t have a mobile phone myself but maybe those of you who do, will find this useful.

Our new improved blog! Thanks to Cord Blomquist

Hi all. You may have noticed changes in the appearance of the blog. Cord Blomquist moved us over to this new WordPress blog. He earlier did it for our sister blog and he can do it for you too, for a reasonable fee. We had a few hitches in getting all the files and links […]

New blog home

Hi all. We’ve moved the blog and are still working out some bugs. For example, we delete spam comments but sometimes they remain on the blog. A few other things. We should be cleaning it up more in the next few days.

Hey–here’s what you missed in the past 30 days!

OK, the 30 days of statistics are over. I’ll still be posting regularly on statistical topics, but now it will be mixed in with everything else, as before. Here’s what I put on the sister blogs in the past month: 1. How to write an entire report with fake data. 2. “Life getting shorter for […]

Blog in motion

In the next few days we’ll be changing the format of the blog and moving it to a new server. If you have difficulty posting comments, just wait and post them in a few days when all should be working well. (But if you can post a comment, go for it. All the old entries […]

RSS mess

Apparently some of our new blog entries are appearing as old entries on the RSS feed, meaning that those of you who read the blog using RSS may be missing a lot of good stuff. We’re working on this. But, in the meantime, I recommend you click on the blog itself to see what’s been […]


We’re having some problem with the blog, where we get comments but they don’t show up on the blog. We’re trying to figure out what’s going on. In the meantime, feel free to post your comments; they’ll show up soon, I hope.