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Confusing headline and capitalization leads to hopes raised, then dashed

I read the following under the headline, Behind a Flop, a Play(wright) Within a Play”: A stroll down West 45th Street in the theater district is all it takes to understand the contradictory fortunes facing David Mamet, for years the heavyweight of bare-knuckled American playwrights, as well as the producers who believe that loyalty to […]


This seems like the sort of thing I would like: Drawing from My Mind’s Eye: Dorothea Rockburne in Conversation with David Cohen Introduced by Nina Samuel Thursday, November 29 6 pm BGC, 38 West 86th Street BenoĆ®t Mandelbrot, unusual among mathematicians of the twentieth century, harnessed the power of visual images to express his theories […]

Life as a blogger: the emails just get weirder and weirder

In the email the other day, subject line “Casting blogger, writer, journalist to host cable series”: Hi there Andrew, I’m casting a male journalist, writer, blogger, documentary filmmaker or comedian with a certain type personality for a television pilot along with production company, Pipeline39. See below: A certain type of character – no cockiness, no […]

Real rothko, fake rothko

Jay Livingston writes: I know that in art, quality and value are two very different things. Still, I had to stop and wonder when I read about Domenico and Eleanore De Sole, who in 2004 paid $8.3 million for a painting attributed to Mark Rothko that they now say is a worthless fake. One day […]

Special effects

I just saw L’Age de Glace 4 and boy are my eyes tired. I’m just glad it wasn’t in 3-D or I probably would’ve thrown up. The special effects were amazing, way beyond George of the Jungle and that ilk. Which was good, as I could only understand about 10% of the dialogue. I’d heard […]

Ripping off a ripoff

I opened the newspaper today (recall that this blog is on an approximately one-month delay) to see a moderately horrifying story about art appraisers who are deterred by fear of lawsuits from expressing an opinion about possible forgeries. Maybe this trend will come to science too? Perhaps Brett Pelham will sue Uri Simonsohn for the […]

“I didn’t marry a horn, I married a man”

This (from an article by Alec Wilkinson) is amazing: Did Louis Armstrong and his wife really have this conversation? This is just too much!

More on Uncle Woody

Here. See also here. He did Wacky Packs!

Statisticians’ abbreviations are even less interesting than these!

From AC, AI, and AIH to WAHM, WOHM, and WM. P.S. That was all pretty pointless, so I’ll throw in this viral Jim Henson link (from the same source) for free.

Maze generation algorithms!

Super cool post from Jamis Buck on mazemaking algorithms. It’s set up so you can click and see the maze being formed, for each of 11 different algorithms! When I was about 12, I was really into making mazes. I’d make them on graph paper and give many of them out to my friends. Somewhere […]