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Just wondering

It would be bad news if a student in the class of Laurence Tribe or Alan Dershowitz or Ian Ayres or Edward Wegman or Matthew Whitaker or Karl Weick or Frank Fischer were to hand in an assignment that is obviously plagiarized copied from another source without attribution. Would the prof have the chutzpah to […]

Scott Adams blogging

Some of my commenters (you know who you are) demand more Scott-Adams-related content. So I went over to the Dilbert blog and found two interesting recent items: The Pivot: I’m not particularly interested in the topic (rich guys getting richer) but Adams usefully deploys statistical thinking in this one (“Success simply can’t be predicted to […]

Kristof/Brooks update: NYT columnists correct their mistakes!

Who will issue a correction first? Nicholas Kristof, who uncritically cited the hurricane/himmicane paper which appeared in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences but then was debunked in a stunning round of post-publication review? David Brooks, who botched some historical economic statistics and, in an unrelated incident, uncritically cited some education statistics […]

“Statistical chemotherapy”: Jeremy Freese adds a new item to the lexicon!

In the context of reporting the latest on hurricanes/himmicanes, Freese comes up with a new one for the lexicon. Considering the latest manipulations performed by the hurricanes/himmicanes people, the sociologist writes: Like statistical chemotherapy, even though it slightly poisons their key result, it still leaves it alive just below the conventional statistical cutoff (p = […]

Hurricanes/himmicanes extra: Again with the problematic nature of the scientific publication process

Jeremy Freese has the story. To me, the sad thing is not that people who don’t understand statistics are doing research. After all, statistics is hard, and to require statistical understanding of all quantitative researchers would be impossible to enforce in any case. Indeed, if anything, one of the goals of the statistical profession is […]

Chris Hedges extra

“I stand by my body of work,” Hedges told Gawker when asked in an email about several of the instances of borrowing documented below. “I do not plagiarize. I never have and never would. That’s basic professionalism.” Could somebody please lock this guy in a room with Ed Wegman, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Laurence Tribe, Matthew […]

Trimmed Hedges

Sorry about the title. It was the closest I could come to “Shattered Glass.” The subhead is “Pulitzer winner. Lefty hero. Plagiarist.” Chris Hedges is a reporter who apparently has been very busy for many years, in fact, according to this report by Christopher Ketcham he’s been so busy telling important things to the world […]

“I can’t drive home now. Not just yet. First I need to go to Utrecht.”

EJ points me to this new techno-thriller. Based on the sentence quoted above, I don’t see it selling lots of copies. It reads like a really boring Raymond Chandler. I still think these two movie ideas would be a better sell.

Spring forward, fall back, drop dead?

Antonio Rinaldi points me to a press release describing a recent paper by Amneet Sandhu, Milan Seth, and Hitinder Gurm, where I got the above graphs (sorry about the resolution, that’s the best I could do). Here’s the press release: Data from the largest study of its kind in the U.S. reveal a 25 percent […]

“Does researching casual marijuana use cause brain abnormalities?”

David Austin points me to a wonderfully-titled post by Lior Pachter criticizing a recent paper on the purported effects of cannabis use. Not the paper criticized here. Someone should send this all to David Brooks. I’ve heard he’s interested in the latest scientific findings, and I know he’s interested in marijuana.