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Transitioning to Stan

Kevin Cartier writes: I’ve been happily using R for a number of years now and recently came across Stan. Looks big and powerful, so I’d like to pick an appropriate project and try it out. I wondered if you could point me to a link or document that goes into the motivation for this tool […]

Stan Model of the Week: PK Calculation of IV and Oral Dosing

[Update: Revised given comments from Wingfeet, Andrew and germo. Thanks! I'd mistakenly translated the dlnorm priors in the first version --- amazing what a difference the priors make. I also escaped the less-than and greater-than signs in the constraints in the model so they're visible. I also updated to match the thin=2 output of JAGS.] […]

Stupid R Tricks: Random Scope

Andrew and I have been discussing how we’re going to define functions in Stan for defining systems of differential equations; see our evolving ode design doc; comments welcome, of course. About Scope I mentioned to Andrew I would prefer pure lexical, static scoping, as found in languages like C++ and Java. If you’re not familiar […]

R package for effect size calculations for psychology researchers

Dan Gerlanc writes: I read your post the other day [now the other month, as our blog is on a bit of a delay] on helping psychologists do research and thought you might be interested in our R package, “bootES”, for robust effect size calculation and confidence interval estimation using resampling techniques. The package provides […]

Scalable Stan

Bob writes: If you have papers that have used Stan, we’d love to hear about it. We finally got some submissions, so we’re going to start a list on the web site for 2.0 in earnest. You can either mail them to the list, to me directly, or just update the issue (at least until […]

Uncertainty in parameter estimates using multilevel models

David Hsu writes:


Nick Firoozye writes: While I am absolutely sympathetic to the Bayesian agenda I am often troubled by the requirement of having priors. We must have priors on the parameter of an infinite number of model we have never seen before and I find this troubling. There is a similarly troubling problem in economics of utility […]

Please send all comments to /dev/ripley

Trey Causey asks, Has R-help gotten meaner over time?: I began by using Scrapy to download all the e-mails sent to R-help between April 1997 (the earliest available archive) and December 2012. . . . We each read 500 messages and coded them in the following categories: -2 Negative and unhelpful -1 Negative but helpful […]

R sucks

I was trying to make some new graphs using 5-year-old R code and I got all these problems because I was reading in files with variable names such as “co.fipsid” and now R is automatically changing them to “co_fipsid”. Or maybe the names had underbars all along, and the old R had changed them into […]

Job openings at conservative political analytics firm!

After posting that announcement about Civis Analytics, I wrote, “If a reconstituted Romney Analytics team is hiring, let me know and I’ll post that ad too.” Adam Schaeffer obliged: Not sure about Romney’s team, but Evolving Strategies is looking for sharp folks who lean right: Evolving Strategies is a political communications research firm specializing in […]