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The Whiter Olympics

Matthew Yglesias links to Reihan Salam’s article on the whiteness of the Winter Olympics. And they’re not talkin bout the snow, either.

Things are actually worse than Yglesias and Salam realize. Did you know that Puerto Rico had a Winter Olympics team? One year it featured my cousin Bill, who finished last in the slalom. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t born in Puerto Rico (despite what it says on one website), but I guess he’s probably been there on vacation on occasion. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he speaks Spanish—he does live in L.A., after all. And, of course, it takes some skill to finish last in the slalom. I’d probably fall off the chairlift and never even get to the starting line.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn't know Puerto Rico had a team until I saw a spot about Puerto Rico on the Olympic TV coverage. If Jamaica had a team, why not them!

  2. Erica says:

    Brazil has one too! It looks like a joke, but it is really not. Five people in the team this year. The best they did it was 9th in snowboard, 2006. lol We have too much snow here… I loooove this country and the make-no-sense things we do.

  3. Manolo says:

    As a Guatemalan/Canadian I have dreamed of a Guatemalan curling team for a few years now.