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Bike shelf

Susan points me to this. But I don’t really see the point. Simply leaning the bike against the wall seems like a better option to me.


  1. Kevin Canini says:

    I love Bike Snob NYC's take on this:

    "We live in the era of Generally Not Knowing How To Do Stuff, which is why this summer day camp woodworking project sells for $300 in 'Walnut' and $275 in 'Ash.'"

  2. zbicyclist says:

    I've received this from others as well, usually with some snide comment about the $300 price for a high school wood shop project .

    If you want to see how really to hold up a bike:

  3. Alex Cook says:

    "Simply leaning the bike against the wall seems like a better option to me." Eugh! Wouldn't you make your floor all dirty doing that? And then the dirt would get on your feet and end up all over the house!

  4. misterarthur says:

    I can think of one advantage – hanging a bike makes it easier to do minor maintenance things like changing tires or cleaning the bike. That said, I think someone looking for an elegant bike hanger probably isn't going to do bike repairs in their apartment.

  5. Jeremy Miles says:

    Hanging the bike gets it off the floor, so you can put something else on the floor. That way you can have more stuff lying around. :)

    Alternatively, you could move to an apartment which had walls _exactly_ the right distance apart to make your bike stand up:

    I keep my bike in the garage. But if my wife let me, I'd probably put it on a couple of hooks in the hallway.

  6. Julyan says:

    I like this idea, because my garage is defenitly not safe here in Paris. But like Jeremy, I will have to convince my wife first…