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How to make a good fig?

Joshua Vogelstein writes:

Are you aware of a paper the explains current best practice of figure generation, in general? i’m thinking things like: have legends and labels that are legible, etc. seems like you or hadley shoulda written some such thing by now….

My reply:

A couple of sources I can think of are: one of the appendixes in my book with Jennifer, and the book by Rafe Donahue.


  1. Jeff Leek says:

    In this post over at Simply Stats we talk about when a figure is too complicated: A very thoughtful comment by Karl Broman follows.

    • Andrew says:


      I used to want to make graphs that were super-amazing, that contained tons of information in a single plot. But over the years I’ve shifted toward preferring small multiples of less crowded plots. You can see lots of examples in my Red State Blue State book.