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On deck this week

Mon: How literature is like statistical reasoning: Kosara on stories. Gelman and Basbøll on stories.

Tues: Understanding Simpson’s paradox using a graph

Wed: Advice: positive-sum, zero-sum, or negative-sum

Thurs: Small multiples of lineplots > maps (ok, not always, but yes in this case)

Fri: “More research from the lunatic fringe”

Sat: “Schools of statistical thoughts are sometimes jokingly likened to religions. This analogy is not perfect—unlike religions, statistical methods have no supernatural content and make essentially no demands on our personal lives. Looking at the comparison from the other direction, it is possible to be agnostic, atheistic, or simply live one’s life without religion, but it is not really possible to do statistics without some philosophy.”

Sun: I was wrong . . .

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