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On deck this week

Mon: Smullyan and the Randomistas

Tues: Too Linear To Be True: The curious case of Jens Forster

Wed: More on those randomistas

Thurs: Estimating a customer satisfaction regression, asking only a subset of predictors for each person

Fri: Quantifying luck vs. skill in sports

Sat, Sun: Hey, it’s summer—time to take the weekends off. Have a great time at the beach, everybody, and remember to keep the water off your tablets and the sand off your keyboard.

As Chris Hedges would say: Let’s be careful out there.

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  1. As my partner-in-business Breck Baldwin says, “safety third, because if we put safety first, we’ll never get out of bed”.

    More on topic, I guess that means 12 weeks to get through the scheduled posts! At that point, summer will
    be over!

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