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On deck this week

Mon: The hype cycle starts again

Tues: I (almost and inadvertently) followed Dan Kahan’s principles in my class today, and that was a good thing (would’ve even been more of a good thing had I realized what I was doing and done it better, but I think I will do better in the future, which has already happened by the time you read this; remember, the blog is on a nearly 2-month lag)

Wed: Leif and Uri need to hang out with a better class of statisticians

Thurs: Quantitative literacy is tough! Or, I had no idea that, in 1958, 96% of Americans disapproved of interracial marriage!

Fri: Arizona plagiarism update

Sat: Unstrooping names

Sun: A question about varying-intercept, varying-slope multilevel models for cross-national analysis


  1. jrc says:

    Because obviously these posts are where you go to commnent-link to things like this paper, which should be on the list for this week, but won’t because of the two month delay, and in two months won’t be worth posting anymore because everyone will be bored of it (in this particular case, that is not helpful).


    The paper above, titled “Get me off your f***ing mailing list,” has been accepted by the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology.

    Full Text:

    I think Figure 1 is very helpful for understanding the logical reasoning, and I like that they show the raw data in Figure 2.

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