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Goucher College is looking for a founding director of their Quantitative Reasoning Center

Mileah Kromer writes:

We are currently searching for a founding Director of the Quantitative Reasoning Center. Goucher is a small liberal arts college and we are trying to make data analytics and quant reasoning a larger part of our core curriculum.

The academic discipline of the center is open. While its advertised as mathematics education or a closely-related quantitative discipline, they would certainly consider a candidate with strong quant skills in the social sciences. It would a good opportunity for someone who wants to build a program and would enjoy working at a liberal arts college.

This looks great. I’m always running into talented Ph.D. students and recent graduates in statistics or quantitative social science who really want to teach, but they find themselves struggling to get jobs at universities that don’t really value their teaching. This seems like a great opportunity for such people. It’s only one job so it won’t do much by itself to solve the problem, but there’s no reason other colleges can’t create such positions too. We started Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences at Columbia nearly twenty years ago and it’s still going strong.

When people email me job ads, I don’t usually post them on the blog, but I’m sharing this one because I’m hoping it will be part of a trend of such positions.

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