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Stan Course in Newcastle, United Kingdom!

(this post is by Betancourt)

The growth of Stan has afforded the core team many opportunities to give courses, to both industrial and academic audiences and at venues  across the world.  Regrettably we’re not always able to keep up with demand for new courses, especially outside of the United States, due to our already busy schedules.  Fortunately, however, some of our colleagues are picking up the slack!

In particular, Jumping Rivers is hosting a two day introductory RStan course at the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom from Thursday December 7th to Friday December 8th.  The instructor is my good friend Sarah Heaps, who not only is an excellent statistician and avid Stan user but also attended one of the first RStan courses I gave!

If you are on the other side of the Atlantic and interested in learning RStan then I highly recommend attending (and checking out Newcastle’s surprisingly great Chinatown during lunch breaks).

And if you are interested in organizing a Stan course with any members of the core team then don’t hesitate to contact me to see if we might be able to arrange something.

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