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Apply for the Earth Institute Postdoc at Columbia and work with us!

The Earth Institute at Columbia brings in several postdocs each year—it’s a two-year gig—and some of them have been statisticians (recently, Kenny Shirley, Leontine Alkema, Shira Mitchell, and Milad Kharratzadeh). We’re particularly interested in statisticians who have research interests in development and public health. It’s fine—not just fine, but ideal—if you are interested in statistical methods also. The EI postdoc can be a place to do interesting work and begin a research career. Details here. If you’re a statistician who’s interested in this fellowship, feel free to contact me—you have to apply to the Earth Institute directly (see link above), but I’m happy to give you advice about whether your goals fit into our program. It’s important to me, and to others in the EI, to have statisticians involved in our research. Deadline for applications is 31 Oct, so it’s time to prepare your application NOW!

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