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I’m getting my computer repaired and so will be offline for a few days, won’t be reading or sending email or reading blog comments. The blog will auto-post, though, one per day, with already-scheduled material:

  • “How to Assess Internet Cures Without Falling for Dangerous Pseudoscience”
  • Ed Jaynes outta control!
  • A reporter sent me a Jama paper and asked me what I thought . . .
  • Workflow, baby, workflow
  • Two steps forward, one step back
  • Yes, you can do statistical inference from nonrandom samples. Which is a good thing, considering that nonrandom samples are pretty much all we’ve got.
  • The Night Riders
  • The piranha problem in social psychology / behavioral economics: The “take a pill” model of science eats itself
  • Ready Money
  • Stranger than fiction
  • “The Billy Beane of murder”?
  • Red doc, blue doc, rich doc, rich doc
  • Working Class Postdoc
  • “We wanted to reanalyze the dataset of Nelson et al. However, when we asked them for the data, they said they would only share the data if we were willing to include them as coauthors.”
  • UNDER EMBARGO: the world’s most unexciting research finding
  • Setting up a prior distribution in an experimental analysis
  • Walk a Crooked MiIe
  • It’s . . . spam-tastic!
  • The failure of null hypothesis significance testing when studying incremental changes, and what to do about it
  • Robust standard errors aren’t for me
  • Stupid-ass statisticians don’t know what a goddam confidence interval is
  • Forking paths plus lack of theory = No reason to believe any of this.
  • (Spammed by Google Ventures): Turn your scatterplots into elegant apparel and accessories!
  • Your (Canadian) tax dollars at work
  • The Ponzi threshold and the Armstrong principle
  • I’m with Errol: On flypaper, photography, science, and storytelling
  • Politically extreme yet vital to the nation
  • How does probabilistic computation differ in physics and statistics?
  • “Each computer run would last 1,000-2,000 hours, and, because we didn’t really trust a program that ran so long, we ran it twice, and it verified that the results matched. I’m not sure I ever was present when a run finished.”

And my co-bloggers might be posting some new material; at least, I hope they do.

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  1. curio says:

    You have only one computer and it is your only way to access emails? You are a scientist and a teacher! That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard in a while.

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