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Ethan Bolker points to this news item and writes:

A couple more clicks after that, and we’re looking at a summarized version of a bill tackling cybersecurity that the software has considered and rendered a judgment on, when it comes to the probability that it will become law. We’re not talking a rough estimate. There’s a decimal: 78.1 percent.

It’s good to know that software can be as dumb as humans.

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  1. Paul Alper says:


    “this news item” begins with Orrin Hatch who after 40 plus years of devastation in the U.S. Senate has finally decided to retire. Hatch is the one mainly responsible for the lack of regulations regarding supplements. His family has made a fortune because of his pushing through legislation:

    “He was the chief author of a federal law enacted [24] years ago that allows companies to make general health claims about their products but exempts them from federal premarket reviews of their safety or effectiveness. During the Obama administration, Hatch has repeatedly intervened with his colleagues in Congress and federal regulators to fight proposed rules industry officials consider objectionable.”

    “many public-health experts argue that in his advocacy, Hatch has hindered regulators from preventing dangerous products from being put on the market, including supplements that are illegally spiked with steroids or other unapproved drugs. They also say he is the person in Washington most responsible for the proliferation of products that make exaggerated health claims.”

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