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Stan users meetup next week

We have a Stan users meetup for NYC. We’ll have monthly sessions where we can discuss modeling, success stories, pain points, and really have a chance for the user base and the developers to interact in NYC. The first meetup will be on Tuesday, 5/13. I’ll be giving a overview of Stan aimed at a […]

CmdStan, RStan, PyStan v2.2.0

The Stan Development Team is happy to announce CmdStan, RStan, and PyStan v2.2.0. As usual, more info is available on the Stan Home Page. This is a minor release with a mix of bug fixes and features. For a full list of changes, please see the v2.2.0 milestone on stan-dev/stan’s issue tracker. Some of the […]

(R/Py/Cmd)Stan 2.1.0

We’re happy to announce the release of Stan C++, CmdStan, RStan, and PyStan 2.1.0.  This is a minor feature release, but it is also an important bug fix release.  As always, the place to start is the (all new) Stan web pages:   Major Bug in 2.0.0, 2.0.1 Stan 2.0.0 and Stan 2.0.1 introduced […]

Stan (quietly) passes 512 people on the users list

Stan is alive and well. We’re up to 523 people on the users list. [We’re sure there are many more than 523 actual users, since it’s easy to download and use Stan directly without joining the list.] We’re working on a v2.1.0 release now and we hope to release it in within the next couple […]